A hike in cloaks

A couple weeks ago I did a hike where we all (9 of us) wore cloaks. It was an absolutely epic time, and we had a bunch of fun.

On my cloak is a Leaf of Lorien, hand-made by a good friend of mine.

So why go hiking wearing a cloak? Well, back when I was at uni, one of my friends showed me a video where a guy was talking about how awesome cloaks were, and seeing as we're now grown up enough to do crazy things, we just went out and did it!

Most of us bivvied rather than tenting. Of the three people who brought tents/flys, only one ended up using his both nights! Seriously, if you haven't tried bivvying before, and you're out on a clear night, give it a shot: a good view of the stars, nice fresh air, you can hear the wildlife running around (this can be a pro or a con), and you don't have a tent flapping in the breeze keeping you awake.