Tag: 3dprinting


Apocolypse Dance - 2023-02-12

A week or two back we had a post apocolyptic themed dance party. So of course we all dressed up - and then spent a couple hours afterwards messing around taking photos.


GroundCrawler - 2021-10-18

A couple weeks back I decided to use some of the TPU filament I had and build another small RC tracked vehicle. The result was this little guy. I'm pretty happy with the design including the mechanics and aesthetics. For it's size it's ...

Iris Business Card - 2021-04-24

For a long time I've wanted to have a business card that was just a little bit different. I considered doing PCB/electronics, or 3d priting one, and then arrived at the idea of 3D printing one with moving mechanical components.

Another attempt to 3D print an airsoft gun - 2021-02-12

At the start of 2020, I build a quadrupedal mech armed with an airsoft guns. Because I was aiming for a compact design I opted to design my own airsoft gun. The design I used back then had the muzzle velocity too low and the accuracy ...

A Dynamometer - 2021-01-11

I quite enjoy making small RC tracked vehicles, and as an engineer I wanted to increase their capabilities - in speed. This means I need to know the torque-rpm-power graphs of the motors, which would allow me to size the motor to fit t...


Jimnytrak - 2020-07-18

Jimnytrak is a remote controlled tracked vehicle based on the Suzuki Jimny 2019 - but modified to have tank tracks. This version is controlled over wifi, and it's great fun to crawl it around your living room.